Welcome to Himachal Pradesh

Himchal Pradesh is a state  in the northern part of India. Situated in the Western Himalayas, it is one of the thirteen mountain states  and is characterised by an extreme landscape featuring several peaks and extensive river systems. Himachal Pradesh is the northernmost state  of India and shares borders with the union territories of Jammu and Kashmir  and Ladakh  to the north, and the states ofPunjab   to the west, Haryana  to the southwest, Uttarakhand  to the southeast and a very narrow border with Uttar Pradesh  to the south. The state also shares an international border to the east with the Tibet Atonomous Region in China. Himachal Pradesh is also known as Dev Bhoomi or Dev Bhumi, meaning 'Land of Gods' and Veer Bhoomi which means 'Land of the Brave'.

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