Welcome to Shivamogga

Shivamogga, also known as Shimoga, is a vibrant city located in the central part of Karnataka, India. It is often referred to as the "Gateway to the Western Ghats" due to its proximity to the mountain range. Known for its lush landscapes, waterfalls, and rich cultural heritage, Shivamogga offers a mix of natural beauty and historical significance. Here are key aspects of Shivamogga:

Geography and Location:

Western Ghats: Shivamogga is situated near the Western Ghats, which contribute to its scenic beauty and biodiversity.

Rivers: The city is located on the banks of the Tunga River.

Natural Attractions:

Jog Falls: One of India's highest waterfalls, Jog Falls, located on the Sharavathi River, is a major attraction near Shivamogga.

Kundadri Hill: A picturesque hill with an ancient Jain temple at the summit, offering panoramic views and trekking opportunities.

Agumbe: Known as the "Cherrapunji of the South," Agumbe is famous for its rainforests, sunset views, and biodiversity.

Wildlife Sanctuaries:

Sakrebailu Elephant Camp: A place where visitors can interact with and observe elephants in their natural habitat.

Sharavathi Wildlife Sanctuary: Home to a variety of flora and fauna, this sanctuary is ideal for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts.

Historical and Cultural Sites:

Shivappa Nayaka Palace: A historic palace built by the Keladi Nayaka ruler, Shivappa Nayaka, showcasing traditional architecture and artifacts.

Keladi: The Keladi Rameshwara Temple and the Keladi Museum are significant for their historical and cultural heritage.

Religious Sites:

Sri Sigandur Chowdeshwari Temple: A well-known temple dedicated to Goddess Chowdeshwari, located on the banks of the Sharavathi River.

Gajanur Dam and Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary: Gajanur Dam is a scenic spot near Shivamogga, and Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary is a small bird sanctuary famous for its migratory birds.

Adventure Activities:

Trekking: The region offers several trekking trails, including those in the Kodachadri and Kundadri hills.

Rafting: River rafting in the Tunga River provides an exciting adventure for thrill-seekers. Education and Research:

Kuvempu University: A prominent educational institution named after the famous Kannada poet Kuvempu, located in Shankaraghatta near Shivamogga.

Agricultural Research: The city is known for its agricultural research institutes, focusing on crop improvement and sustainable farming practices.


Shivamogga Dasara: Celebrated with grandeur, similar to the Mysore Dasara, it includes cultural performances, processions, and other festivities.

Ganesh Chaturthi: A major festival celebrated with enthusiasm, featuring colorful decorations and processions.


Agriculture: The region is known for its fertile land, producing crops like areca nut, paddy, and coconut.

Industries: Shivamogga has a growing industrial sector, including agro-based industries and manufacturing units.


Road and Rail Connectivity: Shivamogga is well-connected by road and rail. The Shivamogga railway station links the city to major cities in Karnataka.

Nearest Airport: The nearest airport is Mangalore International Airport, about 195 kilometers away.

Shivamogga's combination of natural beauty, historical significance, and cultural richness makes it an appealing destination for tourists and a pleasant place for residents. Whether exploring the majestic Jog Falls, trekking through the Western Ghats, or experiencing the local festivals, visitors to Shivamogga can enjoy a diverse range of attractions and activities