Chikkamagaluru (1 Night & 2 Days)

Chikkamagaluru (1 Night & 2 Days)


Chikkamagaluru, often referred to as Chikmagalur, is a picturesque hill station located in the southwestern part of Karnataka, India. It is nestled in the foothills of the Mullayanagiri range of the Western Ghats and is renowned for its coffee plantations, lush greenery, and serene landscapes. Here are key aspects of Chikkamagaluru:

Geography and Climate:

Location: Chikkamagaluru is situated in the Western Ghats, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its biodiversity and natural beauty.

Altitude: The town itself is located at an elevation of around 1,090 meters (3,580 feet) above sea level.

Climate: The region enjoys a moderate climate throughout the year, with cooler temperatures in the winter and a lush, green environment during the monsoon season.

Coffee Plantations:

Coffee Hub: Chikkamagaluru is often called the "Coffee Land of Karnataka" because it is the birthplace of coffee cultivation in India. The region's coffee plantations are renowned for producing some of the best coffee in the country.

Coffee Tours: Visitors can take guided tours of coffee estates to learn about coffee cultivation, processing, and taste freshly brewed coffee.

Natural Attractions:

• Mullayanagiri: The highest peak in Karnataka, standing at 1,930 meters (6,330 feet). It offers stunning panoramic views and is a popular trekking destination.

Baba Budangiri: A mountain range named after the Sufi saint Baba Budan, known for its scenic beauty and historical significance. It is also famous for the Manikyadhara Falls and the shrine of Baba Budan.

Kudremukh National Park: A protected area known for its rich biodiversity, trekking trails, and the Kudremukh peak, which resembles a horse's face.


Hebbe Falls: A picturesque waterfall located inside a coffee estate, accessible by a short trek or a jeep ride. • Kalhatti Falls: Known for its scenic beauty, the falls cascade down from a height of about 122 meters (400 feet) and are associated with local legends.

Jhari Falls: Also known as Buttermilk Falls, this is a popular spot for its serene surroundings and a natural pool at the base of the falls.

Religious and Cultural Sites:

Sharadamba Temple: Located in the town of Sringeri, this temple is dedicated to Goddess Sharadamba and is an important pilgrimage site for Hindus.

Hoysaleswara Temple: Located in Halebidu, about 40 km from Chikkamagaluru, this temple is an architectural marvel from the Hoysala period, known for its intricate carvings and sculptures.

Adventure Activities:

• Trekking: Chikkamagaluru offers numerous trekking trails, including those to Mullayanagiri, Baba Budangiri, and Kudremukh.

Camping: The region's natural beauty makes it an ideal destination for camping and outdoor activities.


Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary: A haven for wildlife enthusiasts, the sanctuary is home to tigers, leopards, elephants, and various bird species. It also offers opportunities for river rafting and safaris.

Local Cuisine:

Malnad Cuisine: The local cuisine features a variety of dishes made from rice, coconut, and spices. Popular dishes include Akki Rotti (rice roti), Kadubu (steamed rice dumplings), and various preparations of pork.

Coffee: Being a coffee region, Chikkamagaluru offers some of the best coffee experiences, from traditional filter coffee to modern brews.

Nearby Attractions:

Belur: Known for the Chennakesava Temple, another architectural masterpiece of the Hoysala dynasty, located about 25 km from Chikkamagaluru.

Kemmanagundi: A hill station known for its scenic beauty, gardens, and trekking trails, located about 55 km from Chikkamagaluru.


Road Connectivity: Chikkamagaluru is well-connected by road to major cities like Bangalore (around 240 km) and Mangalore (around 150 km).

Rail and Air Connectivity: The nearest railway station is in Kadur, about 40 km away. The nearest airports are Mangalore International Airport and Kempegowda International Airport in Bangalore.

Chikkamagaluru, with its blend of natural beauty, coffee culture, adventure opportunities, and rich history, offers a unique and refreshing experience for travelers. Whether you're a nature lover, adventure enthusiast, or history buff, Chikkamagaluru has something to offer everyone. 


Amruthapura Temple: Visit the 12th-century Amrutesvara Temple, known for its intricate Hoysala architecture. Kallathigiri Falls: Visit these beautiful falls which have a temple at the base. Hebbe Falls: From Kemmangundi, take a jeep ride (the only mode of transport) to Hebbe Falls. Kemmangundi: Head to Kemmangundi, a hill station known for its scenic beauty.

Mullayanagiri Peak: Start early to trek to the highest peak in Karnataka, offering panoramic views. Jhari Waterfalls: Head to Jhari Waterfalls, also known as Buttermilk Falls, accessible by a short jeep ride. Honnammana Halla Falls: Visit this lesser-known but picturesque waterfall. Inam Dattatreya Peeta: Visit the religious site, also known as Baba Budangiri, offering great views and a peaceful atmosphere



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